Balwyn Ratepayers' League

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The Balwyn Ratepayers' League was a local neighbourhood group that operated throughout the 1920s and 1930s.


The League both campaigned for projects and programs and ran or supported community events and activities for people in and near Balwyn. It was comperable to the Surrey Hills Progress Association and similar local groups that were formed in the early 20th century.


The Balwyn Ratepayers' League was established in May 1923.[1] It is first mentioned in an article from The Argus in January 1924, advertising the February Fete at Balwyn Park - its first major event.[2]

The apparent success of this Fete was followed with organising a memorial service on ANZAC Day at the new war memorial in Beckett Park. More than 600 people attended, including representatives from local churches and Camberwell Council[1]

Its first anniversary was celebrated with a dance and dinner at the Balwyn Hall.[1]


Leadership of the Balwyn Ratepayers' League
Year President Vice Presidents Secretary & Treasurer Committee Press correspondent Social committee
1923 Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder
  • 1924 - P. Barnes[1]


  • 1924 - A. Day[1]


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