Balwyn Library

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Balwyn Library
Balwyn Library April 2018.jpg
Balwyn Library soon after its redevelopment in 2018.
Established February 1978
Location 336 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn
Branch of Boroondara Library Service

The Balwyn Library is a municipal library run by Boroondara City Council serving the north-eastern area of Boroondara, including Balwyn, Balwyn North and Surrey Hills. It is the one of the busiest libraries in Victoria, second only to the State Library.[1]


336 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, the present-day site of the Balwyn Library, was originally the home and surgery for Balwyn's first doctor, Dr E.M.H. Inglis (1891-1955).[2] A plaque dedicated to Dr Inglis is now located at the Whitehorse Road entrance to the Balwyn Libary.[3]

The Library was opened in February 1978, designed by well-known architect Daryl Jackson AO. His open and expansive design for the library won him his first of many awards.[2]

Planning and design for an upgrade of the Library began in the early 2010s, with construction commencing in late 2016. During this period, from 19 January 2017 to 16 March 2018, the Balwyn Library was relocated to the Balwyn Leisure Centre building in Gordon Barnard Reserve, Balwyn North. This involved moving most of the collection and setting up temporary facilities for users to continue utilising the Library's services[4][5] The demolition of the Balwyn Leisure Centre was initially scheduled for late 2016 following the redevelopment of the Boroondara Sports Complex, but this was delayed to allow for the temporary relocation of services during construction of the Greythorn Community Hub and Balwyn Library. For the first and only time in its history, the Balwyn Library was not located in its namesake suburb.

The newly-refurbished library was opened to the public on 4 April 2018. It involved constructing a second storey, reconfiguring the interior and other changes nominated through the design and community consultation process.[4]


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