City of Camberwell

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City of Camberwell
Camberwell City Council Crest.jpg
Population 91,000 (1992)[1]
Established 20 April 1914[2][3]
Abolished 1994 (merged with Kew and Hawthorn)
Area 36km2[4]
Mayor (at 1993 sacking) Bryan Steele[5]
Council seat Camberwell Town Hall, Camberwell

The City of Camberwell was a local government covering eastern middle-ring suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, including Camberwell, Ashburton and Balwyn.

Symbols and logos

The City of Camberwell used the same logo as its predecessors - the original crest having been first used in 1871 when the Shire of Boroondara was established. In 1969, an updated Council crest was revealed.

Both logos depicted a beehive, pick and shovel, and a plough and sheaf of wheat. These were surrounded by grapevines. All of this symbolised the agricultural and predominantly rural nature of the area at the time. The motto Cura Et Industria ('careful and industrious') was used on both crests.[6]


The City began as a result of the renaming of the Shire of Boroondara to the Shire of Camberwell and Boroondara in 1905. It was declared a Borough and then as the Town of Camberwell later in 1905. On 20 April 1914, it was proclaimed a City.[3]

In 1953, it reported "209 miles [336 kilometres] of made roads, 333 miles [536 kilometres] of paved footpaths, 105 miles [167 kilometres] of underground drains and 40 miles [64 kilometres] of unmade streets".[7] New roads built or sealed during this time in growth areas, particularly in the northern parts of Balwyn and Balwyn North, were funded directly by residents based on the length of their street frontage. This was to account for labour shortages and increased construction costs after the Second World War.[7]

1993 dismissal

Following a series of investigations and financial troubles at the council, the latter largely brought on by the payout required as a result of the Podgor Development, the Victorian Government determined to dismiss all sitting councillors and replace them with an administrator.[8] Des Bethke, a former CEO of the City of Melbourne, was appointed as an administrator to oversee the running of the council. He remained in place as sole administrator until the Victoria-wide local government reforms over 1994-1996.





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