Shire of Boroondara

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Shire of Boroondara
Established 1871
Abolished 1905 (proclaimed Shire of Camberwell and Boroondara)
President (at abolition) John Maling[1]
Council seat Camberwell Town Hall, Camberwell


Proposals to redesignate the roads boards in Victoria to shires was put forward by the Victorian Government in 1870. This drew mixed responses from the Boroondara Roads Board and its members, with some fearing that such proposals would result in the amalgamation of boards and the general centralisation of local government for Boroondara, Whitehorse and Nunawading in Box Hill.[2]

The first meeting of the Shire Council was held on Saturday 23 December.


The shire was made up of six councillors in an unsubdivided electoral system from its establishment in 1871 until 1889. On the 8 April 1889, the shire was subdivided into electoral divisions for the first time. These were termed ridings from the English subdivisions of the same name. Three ridings were created (North, Centre and South) with three councillors representing each.[3][4][5] This system was to persist for the Shire and its successors until an additional ward was added to the City of Camberwell in 1934.[6]


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