Rumpf Avenue Reserve

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Rumpf Avenue Reserve
Location Balwyn North, Melbourne, Australia
Coordinates 37°47′31″S 145°05′53″E / 37.791994°S 145.098152°E / -37.791994; 145.098152
Area 2,443 sqm[1]
Operated by City of Boroondara
Public transport access Bus routes 207, 284 and 285

Rumpf Avenue Reserve is a park located in Balwyn North located in a residential area near the intersection of Doncaster Road and Greythorn Road.[2] The park is located on the site of the former Greythorn High School, which closed in 1994.


Early European settlement of Greythorn was almost entirely based on local agriculture. This was primarily citrus, nut and dairy farms. The present-day site of the Reserve was part of Towt's Estate, first subdivided in 1902.[3] By 1944, it was a relatively small parcel of land owned by Creer G. Wilson.[4]

As the post-war development boom swept the eastern suburbs, the population of Balwyn North expanded significantly. This put pressure onto the limited local infrastructure to cope with the large numbers of new residents, including schools. As the wildlife sanctuary at Greythorn Park closed and the Maughan Estate was sold off,[5] the Victorian Government purchased the site at the corner of Doncaster and Greythorn Roads for education purposes. As a result, Greythorn High School was commissioned and constructed in the late 1950s. Although it was officially opened in 1960, the school had been constructed and been in operation since June 1958. Student numbers began to decline in the late 1980s and the school was merged as a campus of the nearby Balwyn High School. Two years later in 1994, it was closed and the land sold for private housing.

This new development brought with it requirements for the new residents to be provided with new open space. Permits for the residential development, including Rumpf Avenue Reserve, were lodged with Boroondara Council in 1996, with approvals forthcoming in 1997.[1]

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