Boroondara council election, 2020

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The 2020 Boroondara council election was held on 24 October 2020. As per previous elections, it was conducted by mail-out ballots. Following changes made by the Victorian Government to the electoral boundaries, a new ward was created at this election.[1] It was the first election since Boroondara's establishment in 1996 with an odd number of wards.

Key dates

As per the Local Government Act 1989, general council elections are held on the fourth Saturday of October every four years. Postal elections, such as those held in Boroondara, actually commence three weeks prior to polling day when ballot mailouts begin.[2]

  • 28 August 2020 - Electoral roll closes at 4pm
  • 17 September 2020 - Nominations open
  • 22 September 2020 - Nominations close at 12pm
  • 23 September 2020 - Lodgement of candidate statements, photos and questionnaires close at 12pm
  • 6 October 2020 - Ballot pack mailout begins
  • 8 October 2020 - Ballot pack mailout ends
  • 23 October 2020 - Voting closes at 6pm
  • 6 November 2020 - Provisional results released on VEC website
  • 13 November 2020 - Results declared

Due to the impact of lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were calls to postpone elections until 2021.[3] No changes have been made to the election schedule as a result.


Ward Candidate name Party (if applicable)
Bellevue Astrid Judge Greens[4]
Alex Sawyer
Austin King
Greg Ball
Jim Parke
Sienna Watson Animal Justice Party[5]
Cotham Bill Young
Felicity Sinfield Liberal[6]
Keiron Long Liberal (not endorsed)[7]
Gardiner Catherine Diggins Liberal[6]
Greg Selkirk
Simon James Denton
Terence Guthridge
Victor Franco
Glenferrie Florence Edwards
Henry Kerr Liberal[8][9][6]
Lindon Brian Parbery
Luke Balasingam
Steve Hurd
Wes Gault Greens[10]
Junction Di Gillies
Greg Deakin
Ralph Krien Liberal[6]
Rowan Story
Lynden Carl Le
Charlotte Wang
Lisa Hollingsworth Liberal[6]
Maling Anthony Robert Deicmanis
James Danches Liberal[11][6]
Jane Addis
Kristy Joy McIlvenna
Peter Barclay
Peter Campbell
Richard Wilson
Robert Dennis
Maranoa Bonnie Brown Liberal (not endorsed)[12]
Chris Pattas
Cynthia Watson Liberal[6]
Dennis Whelan
Helen Grace Tsoutsouvas
Mark Newlan
Yolanda Torrisi
Riversdale Emily Kusay Liberal (not endorsed)[13]
Paul Dipnall Liberal[6]
Nicholas Bieber Greens (not endorsed)[14]
Robert Bailleu
Sali Miftari Liberal[15][6]
Susan Biggar
Solway Alan Jane
Garry Thompson Liberal[6]
Sam Fitchett
Studley Amelia Clark
Ander Peterson Liberal[6]
Annabel Yates
Kym Sullivan
Michele Agustin-Guarino
Nick Stavrou Liberal[6]
Qiqi Chen Greens

Incumbent councillor indicated in italics

Wards and results


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