John Affleck

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John Affleck
Born 1821
Fife, Scotland
Residence Hartwell
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Farmer

John Affleck was an early settler in Hartwell and inaugural member of the Boroondara District Road Board from 1856 to 1858.[1]


Affleck migrated to Australia with his parents on the William Mitchell in 1839. His family had come to work off debts on local farms.[1] Once the debt had been worked off, Affleck moved to Melbourne and became the lessee of the Hawthorn Bridge toll booth. During this time, he also acquired land in Hartwell which he used for agricultural purposes.[1]

After unsuccessful enterprises in brickmaking fell through, he eventually left for Gippsland in 1858/59. Over subsequent years, he moved to farms across country Victoria and eventually settled in Lorquon in the Wimmera region of Victoria.[1]


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