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Welcome to BoroondaraWiki! We hope your stay is both productive and enjoyable.

This page is intended for new users and editors of BoroondaraWiki as an introduction to the website. For detailed help on editing pages, uploading files and other topics, please see Help:Contents.

The basics

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a type of software that is used for displaying and organising information. Websites that use wiki software are usually open for contributions from everyone.

This is not to be confused with Wikipedia. In other words, while Wikipedia is a wiki, not all wikis are Wikipedia.


BoroondaraWiki was created in June 2016 by User:Philip as a public and open source repository of information about the area known today as 'Boroondara'. It operates under three key principles:

  1. Impariality
  2. Freedom of information
  3. Accuracy


Main page: Help:Researching

While we do not have the same referencing requirements as Wikipedia in many cases, it is still expected that references are provided wherever possible. This is especially important for exceptional, controversial or contradictory content. Reliable sources are also essential for articles about living people.

The Manual of Style contains guidance on how to reference sources in articles on BoroondaraWiki.