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This article covers members of the Boroondara District Roads Board which was the predecessor to the Shire of Boroondara and the beginnings of local government in the area. On 11 July 1854, the District was created to cover the present-day area of Boroondara, while the first Board was elected in 1856. Kew and Hawthorn became separate municipalities in 1860, while the Roads Board was followed by the Shire of Boroondara in 1871 which would eventually become Camberwell Council.[1]

Powers and duties

Selection process

Members of the board served three year terms and were elected at annual general meetings of the Board. Two positions would be open at each election. Before 1863, it appears that there were nine members of the board who were elected every two years.

If votes were tied, the returning officer of the election had the power to give a casting vote in favour of one candidate or the other.[2]



For councillors after 1870, see Councillors of Boroondara Shire

1871 - 1864

1871 George Taylor[3] Thomas Robinson[3] Edward Dillon[3] William Blanksby[3] J. McDonald[3] Thomas Ragg[3]
1870 John Slater[4]
1869 William Williamson[5][2]
1867 Andrew Murray
1866 Thomas Cope
1865 William Coakley[6] William Blanksby
1864 R. Cam

1863 - 1856

During this period, it appears that there were nine members of the board, elected at annual general meetings. The changes were made as a result of the new Local Government Act in 1863.[7][8]

1863 William Coakley Thomas Robinson R. Cam (Pain?)[9] Robert Kent William Blanksby Henry Luxford Thomas Ragg Michael Chambers[9] John Day
1861 J. Butterfield E. Carter G. C. Downing G. Eastaway R. Hurry William Webb
1860 M. Cranwell James Irwin Michael Logan[10] J. Hunter William Blanksby A. Priestley Thomas Ragg H. Roberts Placeholder
1859 Michael O'Grady D. Hill T. Johnson
1858 T. Brooks
1857 John Affleck Arthur Bowley W. H. Pettett G. Lewis Michael Lynch W. Wade Henry Walsh Placeholder
1856 D. G. Stobie

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