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BoroondaraWiki is an independent, free and open-source encyclopedia established to document all facets of locations within the City of Boroondara in Melbourne, Australia. BoroondaraWiki is in no way associated with any organisation or other entity, including Boroondara City Council.

Most content on BoroondaraWiki is user-generated and has been compiled by editors or users who are interested in local history and general knowledge. As a wiki, almost every article on BoroondaraWiki is open to editing by the general public. Many articles are the result of user collaboration. It is for this reason that BoroondaraWiki makes no claim to be accurate, although it strives to eliminate false content and label unverifiable content accordingly to maintain factual articles. Readers are encouraged to remember that can be difficult to verify facts with independent sources when attempting to gauge the accuracy of content, particularly on topics that may date back to the mid-19th century.

Users are encouraged to remember that the editing community on Boroondara Wiki is representative of a wide range of political, social, economic, cultural and religious views. BoroondaraWiki asserts that it is not responsible for any offence taken from comments posted on its websites. Nonetheless, BoroondaraWiki emphasises that it has no tolerance for discrimination, vandalism, or other offensive behaviour. Administrators and users alike actively work to combat vandalism on BoroondaraWiki.